AI Apps

Leverage generative AI and third-party services to perform tasks, initiate requests, generate content, send team notes, or find information across the digital workplace - all through conversational AI.

Find information from across the digital workplace

Workgrid's enhanced conversational functionality enables employees to search for information from across the digital workplace. Using natural language users can quickly access what they need to know, including recently shared files, enterprise system data, calendar events, and employee directory information, right from the AI Work Assistant.

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Perform tasks and initiate requests

The AI Work Assistant simplifies the workday by integrating with the systems, tools, and data you use most. Eliminate time-wasting context switching with a streamlined location to perform tasks and submit requests. Through the assistant's conversational interface, or using the main app menu, users can quickly submit information such as helpdesk requests or timesheet hours without having to navigate to the source system.

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Achieve more with AI-powered apps

From performance and sentiment analysis to content generation and insight summarization, Workgrid's AI-powered apps are designed to help employees create and optimize content throughout the workplace.

Provide employees with generative AI experiences within the guardrails of the AI Work Assistant, utilizing guided prompts such as tone and content type to keep output professional while helping employees understand what kinds of content can be created with this powerful technology.

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Workgrid Platform Features

Bringing conversational intelligence to the digital workplace
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Retrieval Augmented Generation

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) intelligently summarizes multiple data points into one cohesive answer

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Advanced Natural Language Processing

Advanced NLP technologies include entity extraction and semantic similarity analysis to accurately understand a user's intent and context

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Relevance Ranking Algorithms

Relevance ranking algorithms display results and related content or recommendations

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A Modern User Interface

Ask questions across apps and integrations with responses returned in modern rich UI cards, forms, and more

Why Workgrid?

Workgrid merges AI-technology with a conversational interface to help enhance the employee experience. The AI Work Assistant streamlines processes, accelerates content generation, and transforms knowledge discovery to improve the digital workplace.

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Pre-built Templates

Accelerate time to launch experiences leveraging Workgrid's catalog of pre-built templates, data source connectors, and Q&As.

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Employee-Centric Design

Anticipate employees' needs and deliver a simplified digital work experience with intelligent notifications, pro-active nudges, and an easy to use conversational interface.

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Natural-language Chat

Provide 24/7 support for employees with an easy-to-use conversational interface to access information from systems, documents, and more.

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Automate Processes

Connect with enterprise systems to streamline interactions and automate time-consuming processes.

What is the ROI of the Workgrid Assistant?

Calculate the projected return on investment the AI Work Assistant can bring to your organization.

A single, connected employee experience

Integrate Workgrid with your core enterprise systems
Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools

Give employees frustration-free, centralized access to the tasks and information they need, right within the flow of their work.

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