Workgrid for Trianz PULSE

Workgrid has teamed up with Trianz to deliver Workgrid + PULSE, a next generation digital workplace solution delivering personalized experiences. A unified platform surfaces information, notifications, workflows, and more!

The Future of Work

Remote and hybrid work models have redefined the workplace, forcing organizations to rapidly transform to keep people connected.

Workgrid + PULSE is designed to provide a one-stop interface that brings together the entire digital workplace ecosystem, puts the right tools and information directly at employees’ fingertips to create seamless digital experiences that improve productivity and give people more time to focus on what matters most.

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The Workgrid and Trianz Advantage

Pairing the Workgrid toolbar with Trianz' PULSE gives organizations the ability to reimagine the digital workplace.

Leveraging Workgrid features like targeted communications, chatbot technology, and microapps alongside Trianz’s modern intranet solution enables organization to quickly deliver personalized digital experiences and extend their existing tech stack.

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Enhancing the Value of Your Digital Workplace

Workgrid + Trianz PULSE can bring you the most innovative and effective solutions to support your organization’s business objectives.
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Drive Engagement

Drive workforce engagement with tailored internal communications and enable a social network for the workplace, fostering collaboration and team building across your business.

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Enhance Productivity

Easily complete tasks, track projects, share documents, manage attention, and reimagine collaboration.

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Reduce Digital Friction

Optimize business operations with access to applications and third party software tools from a single location.

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