Workgrid for Drupal

Workgrid's easy-to-deploy toolbar helps modernize your existing Drupal intranet with features and functionality that simplify the work day and enable employees to work wherever and whenever it's convenient for them.

Enhance Your Existing Drupal Intranet

Drive traffic to the intranet and create an engaging experience that keeps employees coming back for more - and with Workgrid, it doesn't have to be an expensive, time-consuming project that requires building or buying a new intranet.

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Available Where You Work

Help every employee - even if they're remote or deskless - feel effective and feel connected no matter where they are. Workgrid is available for Drupal both on-premise and online, and can be accessed as an easy-to-use toolbar on the intranet as well was a desktop or mobile app, delivering the multi-channel experience employees expect and need.

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Workgrid for Drupal in Action

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Unify Notifications and Approvals

Unify Notifications and Approvals

Eliminate context switching and create a one-stop shop for notifications, alerts, and approvals from across your enterprise systems.

Simplify Interactions with Systems

Workgrid integrates with common and custom back-end systems for HR, IT and finance to present targeted functionality and information on the intranet, eliminating the need for employees to log into many disparate systems.

Find Information and Automate Tasks

Increase engagement and improve productivity with the Workgrid Chatbot. Make it easy for employees to find answers to questions and complete routine tasks like submitting an IT help desk ticket.


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