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4 Ways Intranet Vendors Benefit from a Digital Assistant
Digital Assistant

4 Ways Intranet Vendors Benefit from a Digital Assistant

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Published on Apr 6th, 2023

The company intranet of today is much more than just an intranet. Organizations are looking for their intranet to be a digital destination for employees, providing more features and utility than ever before.

As vendors make pivots, acquire new technology, and enhance their features it is clear the intranet market is heating up. So how do intranet vendors get ahead of the competition?

Answer: a digital assistant.

The functionality of a digital assistant paired with the traditional features of an existing intranet bridges the gap between enterprise technology and the intranet, insulating employees from the complexity of the digital workplace and guiding their attention to the information and tasks that matter most.

Develop and Integrate Faster

Adding integrations to the intranet can often involve lengthy development processes and expensive statements of work. For many, large amounts of resources and the time required to custom build apps and integrations in-house are not attainable. But in a technology first world, an intranet with expanded integration capabilities means more opportunities for engagement and adoption of the software.

So why not leverage technology that fills the gap?

A digital assistant gives digital workplace vendors a head start with integrations and apps. With hundreds of data sources and pre-built templates, the time to deploy apps and integrations for customers is trimmed down from months to hours.

Workgrid intranet partners can leverage existing digital assistant integrations and pre-built app templates, installing as-is or partners can utilize Workgrid's no-code builder to quickly build apps for their customers.

Amplify Intranet Adoption

Expanding the breadth of integrations and apps on your intranet brings forward a new level of utility for customers. Where end users previously were drawn away from the intranet to find information or complete tasks, surfacing data via a digital assistant within the intranet amplifies adoption by allowing customers to interact with their external systems without leaving the platform.

A digital assistant embedded within the intranet gives users the ability to do it all within the flow of work. Imagine the value-add for a customer when their employees can complete tasks like expense or procurement approvals, submit IT help desk tickets, view corporate communications, and quickly access important information like time off balances and pay data, all from the intranet.

Aggregating system notifications, reminders, tasks, and more, not only transforms the intranet into a cornerstone of the digital workplace, it also provides a valuable opportunity for organizations looking to reduce digital friction. Eliminating the context switching between systems and making information easier to find within the intranet improves the overall employee experience.

Support Customer Retention

As software competition heats up, vendors must prioritize supporting existing customers and retaining their business. For most organizations customer retention hinges on a few key elements.

  1. Customer support services – a strong team of customer success managers and technology support that help, inform, and ensure customers are confident in their experience with the software

  2. Existing services – the features of the technology that meet the needs of the customer

  3. Product roadmap – the future of the product and the breadth of features upcoming that will maximize services and energize customers

What if you could accelerate the time it takes to reach the next set of features on the roadmap? What if you could offer small delighters to your existing customers to better support their needs? What if you could extend your existing features to incorporate more personalization and AI?

The reality is many organizations lose out on contracts because customers are looking for more. More integrations. More personalization. More information. More data. And for many software companies, it’s a challenge to keep up. A digital assistant makes it easier to align with customer needs – by adding the technology and tools to the intranet that support employee engagement without the development of an entirely new intranet.

Create Competitive Advantage

At the end of the day, intranet vendors are looking to establish themselves in a market clogged with software for every niche. A digital assistant can help establish the intranet as the launching point of the digital workplace. No longer just a repository of information or relegated to use only when someone needs to find something, the intranet can become a resource that employees visit and utilize regularly. For vendors, this not only helps retain customers, but attracts new ones by offering an even more holistic digital employee experience.

Integrating Workgrid with Your Existing Platform

From expanded revenue opportunities to a robust integration catalog, enhancing the capabilities that drive value for your intranet is possible by leveraging the Workgrid digital assistant. Our digital assistant joins the intranet as an omni-present toolbar, bringing features from chatbot to integration widgets directly into your solution without the time and investment it takes to build the features from scratch.  

To learn more about partnering with Workgrid visit https://www.workgrid.com/about/partners.

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