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What are the Benefits of a Digital Assistant?

The biggest benefit of digital assistants is they free employees up to focus on more engaging, higher-value work that drives job satisfaction. They also offer a wide range of other benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Improving attention management because tasks and information are presented together in a central location that’s within the flow of work.

  • Reducing digital friction by enabling employees to find important information from enterprise systems, such as pay data, time off balances, dashboards, and more without having to log into individual source systems.

  • Delivering fast, personalized answers to common questions, eliminating the need to wait for human assistance.

  • Streamlining and personalizing communications by delivering contextual alerts that are relevant to employees, such as training and upskilling opportunities, office closures, staffing changes, inventory changes, crisis comms, etc.

  • Supporting the autonomy of employees by giving them the flexibility to complete routine tasks, like submitting and tracking help desk tickets, wherever and whenever it’s convenient.

  • Promoting workplace agility by being available wherever employees work, whether on the intranet, via mobile, or in workstream collaboration platforms such as Slack and MS Teams.

  • Streamlining complex, common processes that involve collaboration across the enterprise, such as onboarding, training, performance management, etc.

  • Modernizing intranet or employee portals by using integrations to bring the power of enterprise applications into a single, connected experience that enables employees to carry out tasks and find essential company info.

  • Creating experience parity between office-based and frontline workers, delivering the same access to tasks and information for all employees.

  • Facilitating better decision-making by making it faster and easier to find reliable information.

  • Standardizing the employee experience in cases like mergers and acquisitions, delivering consistent, yet custom experiences to all employees by integrating with disparate systems across the enterprise.


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