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Podcast Episode 10

The Workgrid Podcast | Digital Workplace Alignment and Delivery

Guest: Alyssa Hagan

Published on Nov 15th, 2023

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Episode OverviewAbout the Guest

In this episode of The Workgrid, we are excited to delve deep with Alyssa Hagan, the Director of Communications and Content at Encompass Health.  

This healthcare giant is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and is one of the largest providers of post-acute healthcare services within the United States. Encompass operates across over 160 hospitals and employs approximately 36,000 people, 78% of whom are deskless workers.  

Alyssa is more than just a communications leader—she's a pioneer in the realm of digital transformation. She's been at the forefront of innovation, from launching and establishing a mobile app in 2015 to expertly steering SharePoint updates, all while achieving seamless collaborative relationships between IT and Communications to drive both solutions and employee engagement. 

What You’ll learn: 

  • The Importance of IT & Internal Communications Synergy: Learn why fostering a strong relationship between the Communications and IT departments is crucial for organizational success. As well, why it is critical to understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘No.’  

  • Launching a Mobile App in 2015: Get the behind-the-scenes story on how Alyssa led the charge on a groundbreaking mobile app, and what it took to make it a reality when it was still a novel concept with numerous hurdles. 

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