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Workgrid Summer 2020 Product Update
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Workgrid Summer 2020 Product Update

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Published on Jul 30th, 2020
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Written by Liz Smith

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the middle of summer. For many, we hope that means summer vacations – or this year, maybe a lot of staycations. The team at Workgrid has been busier than ever, and below you’ll find the latest updates on new product releases and experience improvements.

Workgrid Apps

We've redefined what a Workgrid App is - because as the nature of work evolves, so do digital workplace demands. It's clear that modern tech and flexible delivery approaches to create positive employee experiences are essential.

Workgrid Apps may now combine three different components: smart notifications, microapp, and a chatbot conversations. Previously, these were considered separate components and would have been built and managed separately.

What does this mean? Let's say you have a time off management app. With Workgrid, you could create an app that provides employees easy access to their time-off balances, while also configuring smart notifications to be delivered when a manager approves a time-off request. Coming soon, the chatbot can be added so employees can simply ask, "How much time off do I have left," and have that info served up right in the chat.

This flexibility enables organizations to build digital experiences that are meaningful and relevant to each employee. Different employees have different needs, and while office-based employees may want access to information via a conversational interface, frontline employees may want a simplified view via a smart notification card - and vice versa. Workgrid Apps now empower you to design the experience that best meets your employees needs.

Workgrid App Catalog

With the reconfiguration of Worgrid Apps, we've launched the Workgrid App Catalog. Space Admins can easily download and install Workgrid's out-of-the-box apps.

The Catalog is searchable and has filters to easily locate available apps. Once an app is selected, details will be displayed and it can be easily installed. When installing apps, admins have the ability to select which employees can have access, ensuring employees receive only information that's relevant to them.

New Apps Added to the Catalog

Three apps have been added to the Workgrid App Catalog: My Payday, My Time Off and People Search.

My Payday provides employees quick access to paycheck information every payday. They can skip the painful process of logging into an enterprise system, and instead get the information delivered right to their fingertips.

My Time Off gives employees quick and easy visibility into their time off balances. Now they can better manage and plan throughout the year - without ever having to login to the source system.

People Search helps employees find coworkers and locate important employee and team hierarchical information.

When you utilize these and other Workgrid Apps, your employees avoid jumping between systems and interfaces. This means they can focus on high-value, meaningful work that increases their job satisfaction.

Space Analytics

The Workgrid Space Analytics dashboard is now generally available (GA) to all customers. In May we announced this feature was available "in preview", the phase preceding GA, to existing customers.

From the dashboard, located in the console's left-side navigation, administrators can see system usage and adoption data for Workgrid Assistant and core features. Chatbot analytics are visible through the dashboard and CSV exports of conversations now include their aligned content author role when applicable. This small chatbot enhancement will be invaluable to admins responsible for managing and distributing insights.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are now available for both Workgrid mobile and desktop apps. Notifications will display both the title and snippet from the summary card. This functionality provides a powerful way to increase use and engagement with real-time updates.

UX Enhancements

Workgrid has a passion for putting users at the center of everything we do. Because of specific feedback, we've made several UX enhancements.

  • Removing Character Limits on Publisher and Survey - Many users wanted to provide more context within summary cards when publishing notifications and surveys. As such, the character limit has been removed.

  • Excluding Inactive Users From Notifications by Default - Publisher and Survey will now automatically exclude inactive users, saving administrators the time it has previously taken to perform this function manually. Organizations with seasonal workers, for example, will find this enhancement incredibly beneficial.

  • Improving Chatbot Q&A Import/Export Capabilities - It's now easier than ever to add or change several questions and answers at once. Grad-and-drop a CSV file to import a series of catalog or custom entries, or export your existing Q&As for file sharing and batch editing.

  • End-User Experience Improvements - Employees can now easily customize their view of apps within the Workgrid Assistant. Previously, users had to login before utilizing this functionality. Streamlining this step means employees can tailor their view based on their own interests and preferences - giving them the customization and control they crave.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is for employees to customize their view of apps!

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